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The Fine Print

While Time 2 Clean can take care of just about anything you’re looking for concerning your home cleaning needs; there are a few items that we need to stay away from because of insurance conflicts and health reasons.

Below is a very small list of tasks that Time 2 Clean does not service:

  1. We absolutely respect the wishes and rules of our current and any future potential customers, unfortunately we can not take our shoes off in your home. While some customers cringe at the idea of visitors wearing footwear in their home, it is a necessity for us to have our footwear on in order to maintain safety for our employees. As an example, we can’t have our maids walking barefoot or in socks in a bathroom while cleaning a shower. They could slip or fall and have an accident, which potentially could hurt the company with any worker comp claims and liability. What we can do though is wear booties over our shoes. These are commonly used to walk on wet carpet and would be a layer of protection for a customer who does not want our employees footwear on their floors.
  2. Our employees only use 3 foot stepladders. They will clean anything within reach.
  3. It is our practice to not take liquid bleach into homes.
  4. We can not change kitty litter or clean out kitty litter boxes. We can however, shop-vac as much of the loose kitty litter around the cat box area as possible. If it’s wet, we can’t really do anything for that type of scenario. The reason is, when it comes to dealing with urine and feces, the health risks of taking the equipment used to clean it up into our next customer’s home is not sanitary.
  5. We can not clean up animal urine or feces.